Things to do in the Peak District

The Peak District is a National Park right in the centre of England.  It is bordered to the West by the M6, to the East by the M1 and with these and mainline rail links, the Peak District is easy to reach from all parts of the country.  It was the first National Park, created in 1951 and more on the history of it’s creation can be found here.

The Park is divided into two distinctly separate areas, giving a wide range of landscapes. The south is known as the White Peaks and is comprised of beautiful rolling hills and deep dales with limestone streams burbling through them.  To the north are the Dark Peaks, with the hard gritstone edges and the stunning open moorland.

Within this diverse landscape there are any number of activities you can participate in.  From exhilarating outdoor activities such hiking, climbing, white water rafting and mountain biking to gentler pastimes such as exploring the great houses and museums.

As a runner myself, the Open Access land, foothpaths and bridleways are a joy to explore.  These of course suit anyone on foot, whatever speed they are going at.  As I explore the Park myself I shall blog about the running I discover and share useful information such as maps.

For hikers, I can recommend Walking the Peaks who are a friendly couple with a wealth of experience in the Peak District.  If you are unsure where to go for a walk in the Peak District, have particular needs or interests, or you are experienced but simply need some new ideas on where to hike, James and Philippa’s personalised walk guides can help you get the best out of your hike.

If cycling is your thing, Peak District MTB looks to have loads of great information for a cyclist from bike shops, repair and routes to events and projects you can get involved with.

If climbing is your bag, the official Peak District government website is good for information on climbing and many other activities.  All the Edges are very popular with climbers.

Recently I took my daughter and a friend to Tittesworth Reservoir.  This is a 30 minute drive away and is a lovely place to walk around.  We hired some Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) from Tittlesworth Water Sports for an hour which was great fun and very refreshing on a hot day.