Useful Information and House Rules

Holly Cottage is a very old miners cottage and has lots of little quirks you may not be used to, so please be tolerant of imperfection. There are also some bits of work that need doing and I am in the process of ticking off one by one. If you see anything that is out of order do let me know so I can sort it out.


Once your booking is confirmed, I will forward you details of how to gain entry.  Please use the back door for general entry and exit. As you will see, the front door opens up directly into the living room and straight onto cream carpet. By using the back door you come straight into a warm kitchen with an easily washable floor where you can remove all outer layers and clean and dry off dirty dogs. Shoes and boots can be placed near the aga to dry.

Wet Room:

Off the kitchen is the shower/utility room. It’s very handy to walk straight in here, get out of your dirty clothes and put them straight in the washing machine while you put yourself through the shower.


The drainage system is very old and the pipes are small. If the washing machine has been on the drains do not clear and the shower backs up. You must remove the shower grate and use the plunger supplied over the shower drain a few times to clear it. You will hear the air flow moving from the pipes behind the washing machine when it works. It only takes a few plunges but without it the shower water has nowhere to go.

Hot Water:

Currently the hot water is on a timer and is on during the night and again in the afternoon. Should you wish to have a shower at any other time I recommend you give it a boost an hour or so before you want it. In the airing cupboard opposite the loo upstairs, press the top right switch for a boost and the green light will come on.

Living Room:

There is an old woodburning stove – probably something I need to replace when the pennies allow but it allows for a nice fire still with care. I am happy to offer a complimentary basket of logs for you. Thereafter you can get logs from Torne Valley in Bakewell or most garages.

DO NOT SHUT THE DOORS TO THE STOVE as they are not sealed and will just produce a draft strong enough to get the fire going bananas – I’ve sweated a few times worrying I’d caused a chimney fire before I learned my lesson. Please keep the doors open.

Also, please keep the fire guard up. The garage wood can spit dreadfully and the carpet is already burnt in places, as you will be able to see until I get a hearth rug!



There is a television with a firestick in the back. The television has the usual Freeview channels and you are welcome to log into your account on the firestick to watch movies or TV series.


The wifi hotspot is kept on the window shelf. A usb charger is kept with it. Turn it on and off by pressing and holding the button on the right hand side. Use your finger nail to pop open the lid in the middle to reach the micro usb port for charging. Just lightly pressing the right hand button will show you how much battery there is, how much data has been used (50gb per month) and the wifi password. I use O2 and there is a good signal but only by the front of the house. Please leave the wifi hotspot on the windowsill at all times.

The flower lights around fireplace are on a timer so don’t worry about these. They turn on in the morning and off at about 11pm at night.


I think most items are self explanatory. This is my home for most of the time so please respect my utensils and cookware – it is all good quality and not cheap.

All user manuals are in the left hand bottom cupboard by the back door for instructions on use.


A bit about the Aga if you have not come across one before. The Aga is permanently on and I ask that you do not change the settings on it. If, in an emergency, you need to turn it off, open the door on the bottom left of the Aga and turn the dial down to 0.

Agas are essentially large storage heaters. So it is important to always try to preserve the temperature it generally runs at. You will see a little thermometer just under the rail on the right side. There is also an oven thermometer you are welcome to use if you are unsure of oven temperatures but generally the top oven is the hottest and runs at 190-200° and the bottom oven runs at about 150°.

The top left plate is very hot and the right one is a simmering heat. Please gently put the lids down when not in use to preserve heat. You are welcome to use the kettle for boiling or the electric one by the sink.  Do not forget you have put the kettle on!

Bedroom 2:

The ladder to the bunk bed no longer has the hooks attached. So if using it, please ensure the ladder is placed correctly in the gap designed for it and that children are not allowed to play on it as it will move and fall if jerked around.

There are some private drawers in the airing cupboard with some personal items inside; please leave those alone. All linen and towels will be placed on the beds so you shouldn’t need anything in there except to turn on the water.